Monday, September 28, 2009

Racing still going strong

Kate & I (Wenatchee)
Me & Reid (Going to the races in Wenatchee)

Erik, Jeff, Dad, Vorse (Yakima)

On the Pit Box in Yakima!

Me & Little Seth in Yakima ( He's become like our little brother, he helps dad out!)

So, the last 2 weekends have been spent at the track. Got to see some friends in Yakima, had a blast in Wenatchee and saw some good Evans Racing. Dad raced in Yakima and got 3rd. Steph had her last race and got 5th, coming across the start finish line backwards! It was amazing and so proud of the fam! Also got to see the jumpers both snowmobiler and bikers! Also spent some time with Reiders! This coming weekend we head back to Yakima for the Fall Classic! Sad the seasons coming to an end we didn't race alot this year so it went by quick.